A vaccine card holder, a clear account and other ways to save time at airport security


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Arriving at the airport a bit late and rushing to catch your flight can be a stressful start to your vacation or business trip. Your wait time at check-in and security lines will vary depending on your airline, day of the week, time of year, weather conditions and other circumstances out of control, but have the right one. equipment can help you make up for lost time.

To prepare for success, we recommend that you follow the travel guidelines set by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which includes tips such as downloading the MyTSA application so that you can get up-to-date information on current security line wait times. DHS also has a list of objects you can and cannot fly (whether in your checked baggage or hand luggage), which is a useful official reference.

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If possible, check in your flight online (most airlines allow you to do this 24 hours before your flight), so you can print your boarding pass and go straight to security. It works best if you are traveling with hand luggage; if you need a new one, we have recommendations. If you’re planning your first post-Covid trip and want to get through airport security as quickly as possible, here’s everything you’ll need to make it happen.

1. A clear account


If you travel often enough, we strongly recommend that you create a Clear account before you fly. The service, which costs $ 180 per year, allows you to check in on your flight using biometric data, such as a fingerprint, face scanner, or retinal scanner. These scans take place at one of Clear’s kiosks, available at over 50 airports, stadiums and other large spaces.

The benefit to Clear is huge if you travel frequently: Clear members can get their boarding passes faster. All your data is encrypted each time you use one of Clear’s kiosks, so your personal data will be protected.

To buy:
Sign up for an account
$ 180 per year in clear

2. Troubadour Aero backpack

Credit: Troubadour

Credit: Troubadour


The Troubadour Aero Backpack quickly became one of our travel essentials and made security checks less stressful. Its clean design, which includes a top zip pocket that allows you to enter important documents extremely quickly.

Its exterior pocket is padded and can easily hold a 16 inch laptop. The ability to remove and reinsert a laptop into a backpack without opening the main pocket has saved a lot of time. Our favorite little touch was the side handle on this laptop, which allows you to carry it like a duffel bag if needed.

If the Aero backpack is packed efficiently, you should have no trouble getting through security without the need for multiple bins.

To buy:
Troubadour Aero Backpack
$ 275

3. Travelpro Platinum Elite hand luggage

Credit: Travelpro

Credit: Travelpro


Going through an airport with luggage that refuses to cooperate is a nightmare, and it’s the difference between just catching your flight and missing it. After trying it out for ourselves, the Travelpro Platinum Elite is our new go-to carry-on. Its 360 degree wheels were super smooth, which made it easier to navigate in tight spaces. Its zippers lock to prevent luggage from opening and the three-digit combination lock is easy to adjust. As an added bonus, it was small and light enough that we didn’t have a problem putting it in the top container.

To buy:
Travelpro Platinum Elite
$ 369.99

4. Vida vaccine card holder


If you are traveling to a location that requires a COVID-19 vaccine to enter, Vida’s vaccine card holder is a must-have travel accessory. By clipping it onto your travel bag (we recommend a zipper for purse or backpack, it will always be handy. Using a vaccine card holder will also prevent your card from getting loose. wrinkles or is damaged by water.

To buy:
Vida Vaccine Card Holder
$ 20

5. Bellroy Dopp Kit


TSA requires you to keep all of your travel fluids in one place, which is why we recommend that you keep a Dopp kit handy. It is more durable than a simple plastic bag and can hold lotions, balms and other toiletries in one convenient place. Not only will this save you time at the airport, but you will have less to unpack once you arrive at your destination.

Buy: Bellroy Dopp Kit $ 55.00

6. Twelve South BookBook CaddySack

Credit: Amazon

Credit: Amazon


Twelve South’s BookBook CaddySack takes the concept of a dopp kit and applies it to cables and other technological accessories. The CaddySack has a series of straps designed to keep dongles, chargers, and cords organized. When you get to airport security, you can just put all that media in a scanning bin instead of removing a tangled mess. As a bonus, the CaddySack also makes it easy to grab a charging cable in mid-flight.

Buy: Twelve South BookBook CaddySack $ 49.99

7. Organizer of Apaldi travel documents


Our latest organizational tool recommendation is the Apaldi Travel Document Organizer, which keeps your passport, cash, credit cards, boarding passes and ID in one convenient place. . We like that the organizer has space for two passports in case you are traveling with a child or partner, and enough space for multiple credit cards. It even has an exterior phone pocket. Having all of your key documents in one place (hopefully hidden in the Aero Backpack) makes them easy to access when you need them.

Buy: Apaldi Travel Document Organizer $ 18.99

8. Toms Alpargata slip-on shoes


Shoes might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when considering your travel checklist, but slip-on shoes can also speed up your safety experience. We love Toms because they’re comfortable to wear on long-haul flights and easy to put on and take off. Untying laces with a group of people behind you can be stressful, but you can avoid stress with Toms Alpargata shoes.

To buy:
Toms Alpargata
$ 54.95

9. Groove life belt

Grooved belt

Another airport-friendly garment that can save you time on the safety line is the Groove Life belt. It expands to fit comfortably around your waistline and uses a tongue system similar to an airplane seat belt. You can remove the belt easily and it is flexible enough to be folded up multiple times, making it easy to place in a safety bin. This is another little time-saving tool that makes a big difference in the stress you experience when going through security.

To buy:
Groove life belt
$ 59.95

10. Pilot Pen G2


It might sound silly, but the number of times we had to ask someone for a pen during our travel experience is downright embarrassing. You never know when you’ll be asked to fill out a form before boarding a flight or note a gate change on your ticket. A pen can be useful at the airport, but it is especially important to have it with you on the plane. You should not have to request a foreign writing instrument next to you when the flight attendant gives you a customs form.

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