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A man and a woman have been charged in connection with an elaborate identity theft plan organized in several counties.

Parker County Sheriff Russ Authier said the Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Division identified Danny Ray Bingham, 52, and Krystal Lynne Wilkerson, 37, both of Fort Worth, as the suspects who committed crimes. numerous identity theft crimes in Parker and Tarrant counties.

“When our investigators discovered the considerable efforts made by the suspects to implicate postal fraud, we involved the United States Postal Inspection Service,” Authier said.

A federal search warrant was executed on Wednesday at the couple’s home in the 6100 block of Vega Drive in Fort Worth.

Sheriff’s investigators assisted in the execution of the search warrant, discovering that the suspects had fraudulently used the identities of the deceased, opening nearly 50 credit cards and bank accounts in the names of the victims.

“Investigators found that the suspects had maintained a structured filing system inside their home to keep track of fraudulent accounts due to the number of accounts they had obtained,” Sheriff Authier said.

A case report was initiated after a woman reported she was billed for a credit card account and a bank account was opened in her and her husband’s name, using their information identification after death.

Sheriff’s investigators found that the suspects had also fraudulently withheld victims’ mail through the US Postal Service. Sheriff investigators further discovered that the suspects had committed the same offenses against another couple in Springtown. The second victim also reported that unknown suspects used the IDs of her and her deceased husband to open credit cards and bank accounts and blocked their mail at the post office.

Investigators attended the post office and found that the suspect had used an alternate identity, claiming to be the deceased’s daughter, in order to place the mails at the two addresses of the deceased.

Sheriff investigators said the blocked mails were placed in a deceptive manner so that victims did not receive billing statements and suspects could continue to use the accounts for a longer period before moving on to their next victims and d ” intercept new cards and account information.

Investigators went to the bank with a fraudulent account and obtained a photo from a security video of the suspect making a transaction, noting that she was the same suspect in five more courier investigations fraudulent.

When investigators discovered the real identity of the suspect, they also discovered that she had previously been arrested for identity theft and fraud. Sheriff investigators discovered the woman was in custody in Tarrant County Jail for parole violation in an unrelated theft case. At the time of her arrest, she was found to be in possession of several debit and credit cards in the name of the first victim as well as several other victim ID cards. During an interview, Wilkerson became involved in the fraud schemes. She has been charged with credit / debit card abuse.

Bingham, who had an outstanding warrant out of Wise County, also admitted his role in the scheme to investigators, posing as the deceased in order to obtain fraudulent accounts for his personal gain and profit.

Bingham has been charged with fraudulent use of possession of credentials.

The case is under active investigation by the Sheriff’s Office and the United States Postal Inspection Service and awaits additional charges for the two suspects.


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