Taking a loan does not have to mean a big burden on the household budget. It all depends on what offer we choose for ourselves. We have prepared convenient installment loans for our clients, which are very easy to pay.

When borrowing loans, we should always remember to choose the number of installments that will be more convenient for us. Spreading repayment into installments makes it easier for us to cope with debt, even if we have a tight budget.

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Installment loans are better than payday loans

Among the loans online very much interest now. These are loans that are granted for short terms, usually 15-30 days for amounts ranging from 100 to over PLN 2,000. The payment of payday loans takes place in one installment and then we have to give the loan company the whole commitment.

This is quite a risk, especially when you want to take a loan for a higher amount – you may find that there will be some other unexpected expense or simply miscalculated, so the repayment will be in doubt. If we do not pay the obligation on time, there will be additional penalties. Of course, we can take the next loan to repay the current, but it’s a simple way to create a spiral of debt.

A much better choice is an installment loan direct lender, which allow us to repay the obligation in smaller installments. Pay off in installments through PurplePayday.

What installment will be the best?

What installment will be the best?

In our company, when filling out a loan application, the customer can indicate which repayment period he is most interested in. When indicating the amount and the repayment period, we can immediately see the amount of the installment and the total cost of the loan. In this way, by moving the sliders, we can choose the loan parameters that suit us the most.

Remember to never set the amount of the repayment installment at too high a level, “in contact”, because you may find that there will be additional expenses in a given month, so you will run out of money. It will be more convenient to pay the installment, which will not be so much felt from the point of view of the household budget.

When we do not know what installment will be optimal, let’s calculate our monthly income and expenses, including bills, food, medicines, and other fees. The amount that will be left to us after deducting expenses from income is our free amount and it should fit into the loan installment. It is best, however, that the free amount is not equal to the installment – it is always worth having additional savings in store.

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When you are interested in an easy-to-play installment loan, do not wait, but now see our full offer. Choose for yourself such an amount and repayment period, which will be practically unnoticeable for your budget, and then repayment of debt will no longer be a problem. We invite you to take advantage of our offer now!