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PUNE: A 25-year-old software consultant working for a leading technology company Hinjewadi lost Rs1 lakh to cyber crooks in credit card reward points fraud.
The technician had clicked on a link sent to him to claim the reward points. Even without sharing any OTP, the amount was embezzled using his credit card. The fraud occurred on June 27, when the technician was at home in Marunji. He filed a complaint with Hinjewadi Police on Saturday.
A Hinjewadi police officer said the complainant had worked here for four years and used a private bank’s credit card. “On June 26, he received a text message from the ‘bank’ to claim reward points on his credit card. There was a connection to the message,” the officer said.
There was an option to mention the credit card number on the link. “He typed in the credit card number and closed the link,” the officer said.
“The technician claimed that he did not share the OTPs with someone. Later, he received a message from the bank regarding the transfer of Rs 4,920 with his card. He received two more messages regarding the transfer of Rs 48,585 twice,” the officer said.
He said that the cyber crooks could not transfer more amount because the technician’s credit card limit was exceeded. A case was registered under section 420 (cheating) of the Indian Penal Code and relevant sections of Information Technology Act.


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