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A shopping spree with a stolen credit card turned out to be costly for a Cowra man at the local court.

Logan John Petty, 18, of Waugoola Street, Cowra was in court and pleaded guilty to dishonestly obtaining a financial advantage by deception.

According to police facts submitted to the court, on the morning of June 14, 2021, the victim went to a local gas station and bought fuel before returning to his residence outside Cowra.

In the process, the victim lost her card which police said was quickly found by Petty.

Seven minutes later, the card was used at the gas station for a total of $ 54.55.

Two transactions valued at $ 49.99 and $ 45.00 respectively followed at one bottle store, before $ 100 was spent at another bottle store.

A transaction of $ 88.95 was detected at a local supermarket before another purchase of $ 96.99 was made again at a bottle store.

Three other purchases, valued at $ 52.20, $ 94.95 and $ 111.90 respectively, were made at another supermarket.

The total spent was $ 694.53.

Petty then attempted to make two more purchases valued at $ 76.99 and $ 49.99 at a bottle store, but the card refused.

At 3:13 p.m. that day, the victim received a message from his bank warning them of the transactions and the card was subsequently canceled and the victim reimbursed.

On Monday, June 21, the victim reported the case to the police.

From there, police searched and obtained CCTV footage of the gas station, supermarkets and bottle shops.

Police were able to identify Petty in the footage.

At approximately 8:40 p.m. on August 24, police attended a residence on Waugoola Street and spoke with Petty.

He was cautioned and admitted to being the person using the card to make the purchases.

However, Petty told police that an unknown man gave him the card to make the purchases on his behalf and said he brought all the items he bought from the mystery man to a stop in local bus.

Petty’s attorney Mr Johnson said his client insists his side of events is true.

“He met an elderly man in Cowra who told him that in exchange for going to the stores with his credit card, he would give him something in return,” Mr Johnson said.

“He took the card without knowing that it had been stolen and went to various establishments.

“He insists that it was true. He knows very well what an ordinary person can think when reading this.

“We hope Mr. Petty learns from it and thinks twice next time.”

The police attorney, Mr. Donaghy and Magistrate Jillian Kiely questioned Petty’s story, noting that the first purchase was seven minutes into the loss of the card, the name on the card was female and the purchases were made under tap and go.

“[It was an] opportunistic offense … It defies all belief, ”said magistrate Kiely.

“I do not accept this explanation. There are nine transactions in six different stores … You have taken the necessary steps to avoid detection.

“You are definitely getting what you pay for with someone’s card.”

Magistrate Kiely imposed a nine-month community correction order on Petty and ordered him to pay the victim a bank indemnity totaling $ 694.53.

“You are no longer in the jurisdiction of the juvenile court,” Magistrate Kiely said.

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