9 Million Credit Card Holder Information Leaked On Top Carding Forum


Recently, the personal details of more than 9 million credit card holders have been leaked. Information exposed included credit card details, full name and email address. The data was published on the Bidencash forum which has been active since February 2022.

The hacked credit cards mostly belonged to customers of organizations such as the State Bank of India. American Express and Fiserv Solutions LLC were a few other companies whose information was leaked.

Cardholders were mainly in the United States, India and Brazil.

CloudSEK initially discovered 1.2 million free maps on the Russian Dark Web forum. After a while, the company identified 7.9 million credit card data posted on BidenCash (B$).

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“BidenCash”, named after US President Joe Biden, is a dark web forum used to expose leaked data. The name was likely chosen because of the flood of scammers that appeared in the era of Covid pandemic relief funds.

Top 5 Carding Forums

Other carding forums exist with such data, but most have been used to share this data found on B$. These illegal platforms are where users can get the necessary information about carding.

Central locations for crooks are where they go to master their underworld craft and share their wisdom in the field. Crdforum.cc is currently the top of the food chain, listed as the #1 syndicated forum, but here are five places anyone’s information could be in 2022:

  1. Crdforum.ccWith thousands of users, the site is among the most visited fraudulent forums. It has threads with guides to traditional cheat techniques and ethical hacking techniques. The platform also provides tutorials on regular side activities to earn money.

    Users can learn more about hacking methods through the “Fraud Education” section of the web. The web also offers scheduled courses on illegal techniques.

  2. Crdclub.su
    The web has many users in Russia with guides on carding techniques and scams. Several forum threads provide information about security services and the sale of personal data. There is also a chat section where users can discuss withdrawal services. They can also learn more about security services and selling credit card information.
  3. Exploit.in
    The website is generally used for tutorial purposes. Besides its news page, the space has a section to provide information on carding. Forum posts include recent attacks, security breaches, phishing scams, and worldwide leaks. Only after registering users can use the web page.
  4. Ascarding.com
    With thousands of users, the platform is one of the largest illegal platforms online. The forum has several threads on issues like physical and virtual carding tutorials. The threads also provide training on selling confidential information. This space also shares discussions on hacking tools, cryptocurrencies, and carding classes for armatures.
  5. Leetforums.ru
    This scam forum is among the top websites with over 80,000 members. The platform allows users to access personal information guides and tips. On the website, users can find information about fake IDs, passports, and raw database sales. The forum also shares carding tools and software that scammers can use in their attacks.

    On the Leet forums, visitors can find leaked passwords to use on Netflix and Amazon Prime. The platform also provides leaked passwords for adult website content like the Onlyfans model.

The carding website can mainly be used for illegal activities. Recently, the Bidencash forum has been used to share the personal details of over 9 million customers. It exposed the personal data of customers of organizations like the Bank of India. Credit card information, full name, address and email address have been leaked.

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