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Stuart and Lau

  • Stuart & Lau are known for their minimalist accessories for the modern man, and their new card holder is no exception.

  • This simple piece is all it needs to be and nothing more, and comes in six different colors.

  • At just $ 65, this can be the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy guy, or honestly, anyone who appreciates high-quality basics.

Having a proverbial big wallet can be an enviable status symbol, but having a literal big wallet is … well, both unsightly and inconvenient. After all, now that we’ve evolved beyond paper and coins and rely almost exclusively on thin pieces of plastic, it’s time our wallets evolved as well.

Stuart & Lau, the New York and Hong Kong based company, is dedicated to making thoughtful and stylish products for the modern man on the move. The team recently released their latest line of accessories, and one of my favorites has to be the affordable full grain Italian leather card holder.

Available for $ 65, this ideal gift comes in six colors and can hold up to eight cards. If you or someone you know is always on the lookout for new ways to incorporate minimalism into your life, this might be the perfect way to do it.

Even sleeker than the Stuart & Lau wallet (which by the way is already extremely slim and beautifully designed), the Stuart & Lau card holder proves that less can really be more. Unlike other card holders which are really just overpriced leather envelopes, this deal combines functional design with elegant form. There is a central divider in the card holder that allows you to organize everything (although, since you only keep a few cards in this accessory, you don’t have too much room to get dirty). But don’t think this card holder is too small to be useful – I’ve found it to be perfectly capable of holding a few credit cards, some ID, and a few bills.


Stuart and Lau

One of my favorite things about the card holder is its bottom cutout, a smart addition (or rather a subtraction) that lets you easily push your cards up and out. This way you won’t have to stretch the backing while searching for the right card. Instead, just use your thumb to reveal the contents of the card holder, select the correct card, and happily go.

Made from vegetable-tanned Italian leather, the Stuart & Lau card holder is available in six unique colors. I’m particularly fond of the rather unique Evergreen shade, but for the more classic among us there’s also a beautiful Cognac and a striking Saffiano Black.

The card holder will set you back $ 65, which is definitely a lot less than what you would pay for a branded wallet. And with such quality, we believe this is a card holder you’ll have in your pocket for years to come.

Discover the Stuart & Lau card holder, $ 65


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