All About the ICICI Credit Card: Understanding Payment, Net Banking, and More!

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Credit cards have become a necessity for everyone. Most people would rather use a credit card than cash. Corporate and government employees use a credit card to make payments for shopping, dining, refueling their vehicle, and more. But when it comes to choosing a credit card, people no longer know which one to choose. The market is bombarded with options from credit card providers. Choosing a reputable name and an established brand such as ICICI Bank Credit Card is the easiest and wisest option. The ICICI Bank credit card also offers a host of ICICI credit card reward points and benefits.

Here we will learn essential details about using ICICI credit card.

ICICI Credit Card

The ICICI credit card helps you with shopping, dining, travel, cinema tickets and offers a wide range of privileges such as free access to the airport lounge, the assistance of a concierge, rewards and discounts, cash back, fuel surcharge waivers and more. You earn rewards that can be redeemed, forget about gift certificates, fee waivers, cashback, and more.
How to Apply for ICICI CC at Finserv MARKETS

To apply for ICCI CC, follow the steps below:

● Visit Finserv MARKETS

● Fill in your application details – name, gender, date of birth, PIN, PAN, job details, contact number etc.

● Select credit card

● Submit the form

ICICI Net banking credit card

By using ICICI credit card internet banking, you can perform multiple banking transactions and also benefit from a wide range of features. ICICI Internet Banking solutions facilitate easy and fast transactions rather than waiting in long queues and delays. You can contact the bank to obtain your Net Banking credentials.

This is how you can do Connecting to the ICICI credit card:

● Use the username and password provided and go to “My Account”, then to “Credit Cards”.

● Fill in all the details such as credit card number, expiration date, mobile number, email address, etc.

● Click Submit

● Mention the OTP number received on the registered mobile number

● The bank will verify the details linking the account to the credit card
ICICI credit card payments

Many credit card users do not know how to pay credit card bills online. But you must know that Payment by credit card ICICI is one of the simplest things there is. There are online shortcuts to make your ICICI CC payment.

One of the ways to pay your credit card bill is through the UPI and BHIM apps. Pay your credit card bills by following these steps:

● Mention your 16-digit credit card number

● Check the number

● Mention the amount you have to pay.

● Generate a QR code.

● Scan the QR code by connecting to the UPI app.

● Make payment

● Receive a confirmation message

If you connect by ICICI credit card, pay your bill via Internet Banking by following the steps below:

● Open the ICICI page on Finserv MARKETS

● Open the payments and transfers button.

● Now look for the drop-down menu that says Pay Bills

● Mention credit card details.

● Enter the amount you want to pay

● Click on pay.

● Receive payment confirmation by ICICI credit card via SMS.

ICICI reward points

ICCI Bank rewards its CC holders with attractive gifts, freebies, vouchers, discounts, etc. Customers can accumulate ICICI credit card reward points and redeem them for purchases, fuel, cash, gift certificates, and more. You can get a welcome reward as a new credit card holder, the regular reward for spending with your credit card, an accelerated reward for special categories and high amount purchases, etc.


Although some people prefer to pay their credit card bills in cash, they should be aware that cash payments are not only more time-consuming and tedious, but also incur additional charges. Therefore, it is always better to make ICICI CC payments online. By making payments online, you also get lucrative offers and attractive cashback.

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