Amazon Prime Day Cardholder Benefits: Up to 25% Cash Back, Plus



Prime Day is just around the corner, so now is the time to start looking for the best ways to save money on Amazon if you are planning on picking up anything during the extravagance of the sale. While there are several ways to save on Prime Day, like keeping your browser locked on 9to5Toys, a surefire way to save as much as possible is to have an Amazon credit card. I’m sure you’ve seen the company’s notifications at checkout regarding its credit card offers, but you may not be registered yet. With 5% cashback on purchase from Amazon, up to a surcharge 25% return in certain categories, and up to $ 125 in Amazon Gift Cards, below we outline the best way to save using Prime Day credit cards. Store Card offers 5% on all online purchases

My personal Amazon card is Store Card. it offers 5% back on all Amazon purchases as long as you have a Primary membership, there is no annual fee and you can get special financing.

There is no bonus gift card for signing up for the Store card, although it does have one feature that none of the other offers on this page have: the ability to get up to to 24 months of special financing on certain items sold by Amazon. , or 12 months on other eligible purchases. This means that if you make a large purchase on Prime Day, whether it’s a new TV, lawn mower, or computer, you can choose to pay in smaller amounts over a longer period. interest-free period.

The main downside to this card is that it only earns cash back on purchases made on the Amazon website and you won’t be able to use it anywhere else. However, this is where the other cards on the website come in. However, since this is the only card that allows you to have interest-free funding at Amazon (apart from the card from company visit) is something you should definitely consider.

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card Offers Best Value

If you want the best multi-purpose card for shopping on Amazon, the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card is this. There are also no annual credit card fees or foreign transaction fees. That’s right, this card is a regular Visa, so it can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

Right now, for Prime Day, Amazon is offering a $ 100 gift card instantly upon approval. This is an increase from its normal $ 70 gift card offering and is the biggest bonus we’ve followed to date. The main problem is that you have to be a Principal member to apply here, but if you are shopping Prime Day you would expect you to already have have this membership.

The advantages of Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card don’t just get a $ 100 gift card. You will also appreciate 5% back on and Whole Foods, 2% in restaurants, gas stations and pharmacies, as well as another 1% return on any other purchase. As part of its Prime Day promotion, Amazon is also offering up to 25% look back at the bestsellers, although the exact range of products included here is yet to be described. This gives you several ways to earn money compared to the Store Card. The main downside here is that you won’t be able to take advantage of the interest-free financing offered by the above card, so if that’s something you’re interested in, you’ll want to go with the Store Card.

Amazon Rewards Visa Signature is ideal for non-Prime members

If you don’t have a Prime membership, the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card is a great option. You will get a $ 50 Amazon Gift Card once approved, and there are also no annual fees or foreign transaction fees on this card.

However, instead of 5% (and up to 25% on Prime Day), the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature credit card offers 3% back on shopping at and Whole Foods. The other advantages remain the same, with 2% in restaurants, gas stations and pharmacies and 1% back to everything else. Like the Visa above, you’ll also lose interest-free funding here, but you’ll have the option to use the card anywhere and not have to maintain a Prime membership.

Professional members will want Amazon’s Business Prime American Express

If you want the best overall features and have a professional account on Amazon, then the Amazon Business Prime American Express is a fantastic option for you. To begin with, there is a $ 125 gift card given on approval as long as you have a business eligible for Prime membership. There is no annual fee here, just like the other cards.

The rewards are a bit different with this card, however. You will have 5% return or 90 days on purchases in the United States from Amazon Business, Amazon Web Services,, or whole foods. 2% return is delivered to US restaurants, gas stations, and cell phone services purchased directly from a US service provider. 1% the return is there on all other purchases which is fantastic for company members.

The 90 day term is an interesting advantage here. If you need to buy now and pay later, this feature gives you 90 days interest free on qualifying purchases, freeing you up money which can be crucial in business at times.

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