Amul milk, more expensive LPG bottles from today, bank service charges also increased



The month of July is going to leave a lot of holes in the pockets of the common man who is already fighting the Covid pandemic as the prices of Amul’s milk have increased on one side, the LPG bottle has also become expensive on the one hand. ‘other.

If that weren’t enough, as of July 1, bank service charges on withdrawals more than four times free will result in hefty fees for SBI account holders. We’re not even talking about gasoline, diesel prices that seem to be heading skywards nonstop in between.

The rise in fuel prices has already affected ordinary people but as of today, the price of LPG cylinders or cooking gas cylinders has also increased by Rs 25.50.

From July 1, the price of non-subsidized LPG will be Rs 834.50 per bottle (14.2 kilograms) in Delhi and Mumbai. The price of a bottle of LPG is the highest in Chennai, at Rs 850.50.

With the latest price hike, LPG prices have increased by Rs140 per 14.2kg bottle over the past six months. This is the ninth LPG price hike imposed by the central government since March 1.

Amul also decided to increase the price of milk by Rs 2 per liter. Under this, Delhi-NCR consumers will have to pay Rs 57 for a liter of Amul whole milk, while Rs 29 for half a liter of whole milk. The price of toned milk has also been increased by Rs 2 per kg.

From today, banks will increase service charges. The country’s largest bank, State Bank of India, said that from July 1, 2021, the new service fees will apply to account holders. The increase in fees will be in ATM withdrawal, checkbook, money transfer and other transactions.

It has become difficult to manage household budgets in a context of declining income affected by the Covid pandemic. A dizzying increase in the prices of vegetables, edible oil, legumes, fruits, LPG, etc. has been on record for the past six months and there has been a further drop in income during the second wave of Covid.

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Due to the Covid pandemic, the pace of the economy is already slow, in such a situation the public has been hit by widespread inflation which has placed the burden on the shoulders of the common man of India. With such increases in daily use items, it becomes difficult to manage the household budget.

In other India News, West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee started a student credit card program to empower Bengal youth and said the program would benefit Bengal students to get a loan of over Rs 10 lakh with simple annual interest.



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