Ant Group’s Huabei is integrated into the credit reporting system of the Chinese central bank



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Ant Groups credit payment platform, Huabei, has been integrated with the Chinese central bank’s credit rating system. The inclusion comes amid the growing digital economy and will not affect user loan requests, Huabei’s team said in an open letter on its official Weibo account on Wednesday.

The statement comes after Huabei users receive a notice from the company to upgrade their Huabei service and are asked to sign the authorization to report relevant information to the credit information database. financial.

In response, Huabei announced that some users are already able to search for records related to Huabei in their credit reports after providing permission to report credit information. In the future, the central bank’s credit rating system will be able to serve all Huabei users.

With the prior authorization of users, the information that Huabei reports to the central bank‘s credit reporting system includes the date of opening the account, lines of credit, usage, as well as the repayment status of the account. credit.

Huabei will submit credit information on a monthly basis and will not reveal personal consumption details, the platform said.

Responding to user concerns that it may affect other loan applications, Huabei said that under normal circumstances and with the regular use of Huabei and on-time repayments, the use of other financial services, including loan applications, will not be affected.

“Our data indicates that over 99% of Huabei users have a good history of use. We recommend users to continue using Huabei according to their personal situation, spend within their means and use the resources appropriately. credit tools, ”the platform said. .

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