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UPDATE: 8 10 2022: 5:18 PM: After nearly five hours of suspended service, Cathay United Bank restored its systems at 3:55 PM, CNA reported.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A total disruption of Cathay United Bank service on Saturday morning (October 8) sparked complaints from consumers across Taiwan.

Online forum PTT User Willie Liu shared a post at 11:02 a.m. asking if others like him couldn’t access the Cathay United Bank mobile app. Netizens flooded the comments section, reporting that they were denied credit card and mobile payment transactions, as well as access to ATMs.

User jinmin88 wrote, “The Costco cashier is all backed up right now, I’m speechless.” Another user, lafk, replied, “Sucks, luckily I brought some cash, that’s awful.”

And today reported that outside of Costco, PX Mart shoppers suffered the same fate.

In response to the incident, Cathay United Bank issued a to remark on its website, which read: “On Saturday, October 8, 2022, the bank’s services including website/online banking transactions (including via app)/KOKO/ATM/credit card were interrupted due to maintenance of the electrical system at the bank’s information building. The bank is doing everything in its power to fix the problem and will immediately restore services once the system has been restored.

The bank added: “We deeply apologize for causing any inconvenience.”

According to ETtoday, there have been several incidents of ATM and online banking failures since Cathay United Bank upgraded its systems in October 2021. Earlier this year, the Financial Supervisory Commission imposed a fine of 2 million NT dollars (63,000 USD) as well as sanctions against the bank’s executives.

However, angry netizens did not believe that the fine and penalties had done anything to change the bank’s attitude towards service delivery. PTT user Groundhog328 wrote: “The Financial Supervisory Board can’t do anything about it anyway, just watch (the bank) keep dragging on.”

Customers using the Costco credit card cannot make purchases because the card issuer, Cathay United Bank, is experiencing a service outage. (Photo NAC)


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