Credit card company charges late fees after account is closed


All Charles Hemrick wanted was a new bed, washer and dryer, what he got was a big headache. The credit card company continued to charge him even after he paid.

WINSTON-SALEM, NC — Charles Hemrick needed a few new items around the house. He was looking for a washer and dryer and a new mattress. Hemrick opened a new credit card with preferred financing.

“My payments were around $150 a month,” Hemrick said.

After making his first payment, Hemrick noticed that he had received a statement in the mail warning him that he was behind on his fees. He immediately called the bank and the credit card company to make sure payment had been received. It took a few calls, but eventually a representative was able to confirm payment had been received on time.

The following month, Hemrick again made the $150 payment. Then about a week or two later he received a statement that his account was overdue and he was going to have to pay $28 for late payment. Again, Hemrick called and spoke with a representative.

At one point, Hemrick actually received a collection notice in the mail, but the rep told him not to worry about it. The whole process was getting a bit frustrating, and Hemrick worried his credit would be affected.

“About a month later, I get a letter of apology, we found [the] pay it [was] no shortage of blah blah blah,” Hemrick said.

Before the next payment was due, Hemrick paid off the balance and canceled the credit card. Unfortunately, he again received a letter informing him of a late payment penalty for not paying on time. By now Hemrick had had enough, so he sent a letter to the bank and let them know he planned to contact News 2.

While we were investigating the issue, Hemrick again received a collection letter.

“It was frustrating and it upset me more than a little bit,” Hemrick said.

We were able to speak with a business executive from the bank and the credit card company. We explained the ongoing issue and that the card has since been cancelled. Both reps told us they would look into the matter and get back to us.

About a week later, we were told the issue was resolved and Hemrick would no longer be receiving invoices or collection notices. Hemrick was optimistic but he had heard that before. He waited for a month to pass, then two, then three. The bills stopped coming in and her problem was finally solved.

“Thank you, thank you, for your help with this,” Hemrick said.

As for the bed and the washer and dryer, they work very well.


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