Falsetti, the little canillita who hacked a credit card algorithm and completed a millionaire scam


In a case that seems incredible, a canilleta who worked at a newsstand The slaughter discovered a algorithm create Credit card and so he succeeded steal over a million pesos after cheating large companies operating in Argentina.

is about Fernando Alberto Falsetti what will remain free by order of the judge of San Isidro Stephane Rossignoli, despite the fact that Vicente López’s prosecutor, Alejandro Musso, had requested his immediate arrest.

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One of the main annotations discovered by the investigators in the notebook of the canillita Fernando Falsetti, accused of fraud. (Photo: Police Vicente López)

The investigation began after a complaint was filed by the fraud control area of ​​a recognized organization pay television company. This presentation was made after several credit card holders ignored 169 transactions for the purchase of prepaid accounts and other miscellaneous services offered by the firm, carried out between the May 12, 2021 and September 27 of the same year.

Musso managed to determine that with the credit card numbers he created with his algorithm, the accused acquired prepaid services from different companies, then resell them to third parties.

“Given the number of scams and criminal mechanisms, we first assumed that there was a criminal behind it all. large criminal group. But as we continued to investigate, we discovered that the whole activity was in charge of a ‘Lone wolf’, a person from very low profile. said one of the judicial sources consulted.

Other entries found in the notebook of the newsagent Fernado Falsetti, accused of repeated fraud.  (Photo: Police Vicente López)
Other entries found in the notebook of the newsagent Fernado Falsetti, accused of repeated fraud. (Photo: Police Vicente López)

The newspaper seller, accused of having repeated scams, were able to be located by the researchers after analyzing, among other things, the IP addresses where the contracted services had been paid for.

To clarify the alleged fraud, the defendant should not have hacked into any computer system and would not even have used the technology. On the contrary: each of his discoveries has been write by hand in a notebook striped leaves.

One of the forensic spokespersons explained that in order to carry out the scams, Falsetti “discovered how to identify numbers of cards from the same bank and their respective security codes. He did all this with his own algorithm which allowed compatible the data, and thus obtain credit cards activated for the purchase”.

Falsetti, the canillita who hacked a credit card algorithm and set up a millionaire scam

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After reviewing the aforementioned notebook, Musso’s team of collaborators found on one of the pages the suspect had written: “WAY TO CHANGE NUMBERS” and, above a group of numbers, added: “The eighth and ninth digits change every 12 or 2 digits” and another series of explanations of the algorithm he had discovered to carry out the frauds.

Likewise, Falsetti had registered invoices services he had contracted illegally. In addition to the pay-TV company, justice has indications that the small newspaper vendor also cheated other large companies who preferred not to file a complaint.


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