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Most ICICI Bank credit cards come with a rewards program. Customers receive rewards points for every purchase they make with their ICICI credit card, whether they’re dining out, shopping online, or booking vacations. The PAYBACK rewards program and the handpicked rewards program are the two types of rewards programs. Customers can get one or both reward points depending on the type of card they have. Let’s learn how to use or redeem your reward points from your ICICI Bank credit card?

How to earn credit card points?

Accelerated Rewards for ICICI Bank Credit Card Rewards Points
ICICI Platinum Chip Card-Visa-
For every Rs 100 spent on utilities and insurance, you receive one PAYBACK point.
For every rupee. 100 spent in other categories, you receive two PAYBACK points.

Contactless card ICICI Bank Coral-
For every rupee. 100 spent on utilities and insurance, you receive a PAYBACK point.
For every rupee. 100 spent in other categories, you receive two PAYBACK points.

The ICICI Bank Sapphiro MasterCard credit card or the ICICI Bank Rubyx MasterCard credit card-
You get 2 PAYBACK points for every 100 rupees spent in country
4 PAYBACK points for every 100 rupees spent abroad.

ICICI Bank Sapphiro Platinum American Express Credit Card or ICICI Bank Rubyx Platinum American Express Credit Card-
3 points on PAYBACK for every Rs 100 spent domestically

ICICI Carbon Bank

For every Rs. 100 spent, ICICI Bank awards 2 points on the N/A reimbursement scale

How do you use reward points?

On line:

The methods listed below demonstrate how to use online banking to redeem ICICI Bank handpicked reward points:

  • Visit ICICI Bank’s Handpicked Rewards page.
  • Select Redeem for the desired reward by clicking.
  • When you are asked to log in to your ICICI Bank account
  • Complete the transaction.


You can also redeem by calling the ICICI Bank customer service line at 1800-200-3344.

How can ICICI cashback points be redeemed?

The steps to redeem your ICICI Credit Card PAYBACK reward points are given below:

  • By going here, the cardholder can access the PAYBACK site.
  • Select the item of your choice.
  • Use the registered mobile number to log in.
  • Vouchers are immediately sent to the registered email address and mobile number. Delivery of the goods will take 10-30 days.
  • The customer can also decide to use his PAYBACK points in one of the physical or online establishments of our merchant partners.

How to check loyalty points?

The following options can be used to verify PAYBACK points:

  • Contact ICICI Bank customer service at any time.
  • Check your reward points through the ICICI Bank Internet Banking interface.
  • The most recent point summary is shown on monthly credit card statements.
  • Go to, Payback App or Payback Contact Center by logging in.
  • Use one of the methods listed below to verify ICICI Bank rewards:
  • Open ICICI Bank Internet Banking and log in. To check how many Reward Points you have left, click Exclusive Offers, then Reward Points, and then View Rewards.
  • Log in to iMobile, choose Accounts Services, then click on View Reward Points, choose your account number and press submit.

Article first published: Tuesday, October 18, 2022, 4:23 p.m. [IST]


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