NAB will stop accepting credit card payments over the counter: union


A major bank has made a key change to the way customers pay their bills at their branches and it has been described as a ‘new low’.

National Australia Bank has ordered branch staff to refuse to accept credit card payments at the counter in what a union has called a “new low” for consumers.

The financial sector union says that from February 21, branch customers will be asked to go to a post office to settle their credit card bills if they want to pay at the counter.

Alternatively, they would be “educated” on how to pay online through the bank’s web platforms.

Union national secretary Julia Angrisano said a policy to ban credit card payments at the counter is designed to reduce foot traffic to NAB branches, reduce bank clerk jobs and ultimately shut down more branches.

“This is an outrageous offer by NAB to stop its customers from using branches for a common transaction that many seniors do,” she said.

Ms Angrisano said there was no reason for the bank to target credit card payments other than to force customers to embrace digital banking.

“Telling NAB customers they can’t pay credit card bills at the branch represents a new low for consumers and will disadvantage seniors who don’t have the same level of digital literacy as younger customers.” , she added.

“Imagine the backlash our members will receive from customers when they are told that NAB credit card bills can no longer be paid in branch.

“This is a very bad move by NAB management that will anger customers and will clearly cost jobs and lead to more branch closures.

“NAB’s standard reason for branch closures is to change customer habits, but this clearly shows that they are forcing change and it is not the consumer’s choice.”

NAB has been contacted for comment.


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