Security Bank Wins Best Credit Card Award


THE Asian Banker recognized Security Bank’s Complete Cashback Platinum Mastercard as the best credit card product in the Philippines at the Asian Banker Excellence Awards 2022.

In a statement, Asian Banker praised Security Bank for introducing a credit card product that has demonstrated the ability to convert its base into persistent and active users with a low delinquency rate, backed by a highly relevant rewards program.

“Despite launching the Complete Cashback Platinum Card this year, we are both proud and honored to be recognized by the Asian Banker for having the best credit card product in the Philippines. With commodities reaching an all-time high, we are able to enable Filipinos to save money on their daily expenses, enhancing their platinum credit card experience,” said Chris Quiros, Senior Vice President of Retail Product Group at Security Bank.

The Complete Cashback Platinum Card continues to have a high activation and usage rate among the bank’s credit card offerings.

Security Bank’s other card offerings include Next Mastercard, a lifetime no annual fee card that offers unlimited installments on purchases over P5,000; Security Bank Gold Mastercard which earns points for each transaction; and the Security Bank Platinum and World Mastercard for frequent travelers.

Tiziana Celine Piatos

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