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It’s not every day that you find yourself within walking distance of LeBron James. For most fans, the first thing to do is take a picture with the King himself. Others would even go to extreme lengths and do crazy stuff just to get the attention of the Los Angeles Lakers All-Star. But for this particular NBA card collector, there was only one way to make the most of this rare situation.

In a video taken by Dubs Card Breaks and shared by Find Your Trove on Instagram, a fan sitting courtside turned out to be a few feet away from James himself during a recent game between the Lakers and the Timberwolves of the Minnesota. What sets this individual apart from all the other fans is the fact that he was prominently flexing an insane LeBron James card with the King in the background.

The NBA card being flexed is no joke either. This is an SP Authentic By The Number Rookie Year 2007-08 card of LeBron James in his Cleveland Cavaliers uniform. It has a massive patch with the number three on it and was signed by no less than the Lakers All-Star forward during his time with the Cavs. And to make things that much better, this NBA card is encased in a BGS slab with a rating of 9.

Image 1 - 2007-08 SP Authentic Lebron James auto patch / 75 By The Numbers BGS 8 Cavaliers

Heading to eBay, a different copy of this map fetched $2,425 after hitting 20 auctions. While this LeBron James card still has a huge patch inside, the BGS slab rating is only 8, which lowers its market value. Nonetheless, it’s still a bonkers pull that any NBA card collector would love to have in their collection.

With the Lakers currently battling for a playoff spot, there’s no denying that James is having a standout season this year. One, of course, scores the most combined regular season and playoff points, passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the process.

With James poised to beat the leading scorer title held by Abdul-Jabbar in a season or two, the Lakers All-Star legend is poised to get better. Of course, nothing can show his love for the King better than flexing a bonkers NBA card just yards away from him in an actual game.

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