The V-MAG Modular Combination Card Holder is a multi-tool marvel for EDC enthusiasts


Card holders have become a real fascination for Everyday Carry or EDC fans. These slim accessories promise easy access to your most important plastic cards, and some even have space to keep your cash from literally flying off. However, their minimalist designs and small sizes can also work against them, especially when it comes to accessing what’s inside or offering better value for money. Slashing even three cards in the same small space can make it even harder to pick the right one when you need it fast. Keeping this compact, card-sized accessory with you all the time can also be a bit of a hassle, especially when it tends to jiggle freely in your pocket or even get lost. If you’ve been dreaming of a card holder that can do it all, then this metal card holder system is perfect for you, providing a wallet-sized dream come true for EDC fans.


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Alpha module

V-MAG is actually made up of three separate pieces that can work alone or be combined in pairs. At the very top of this list is the V-MAG Alpha, with its innovative card holder system that gives you instant access to your cards. Rather than relying on a flimsy ejection mechanism, the V-MAG Alpha places cards in different positions so you can simply push or pull the right card in no time. Alpha’s powerful, custom-designed MagSafe magnet allows it to lock onto iPhones as well as some (but not all) iPhone and Android phone cases, creating a secure hold that won’t fall out no matter how hard you shake it the phone. It also comes with a built-in kickstand that will make viewing on your phone more comfortable while the card holder sticks to it.

Beta module

Despite its name, the V-MAG Beta is no slouch, designed to be a wallet and multi-tool in one. The card holder provides convenient access to your credit or membership cards, while the money clip can hold your cash or secure the Beta in your pocket or bag. You can also replace this clip with an AirTag clip add-on, ensuring you never lose your wallet again. The most interesting parts, however, are the tools hidden around the edges of the card holder. There’s a bottle opener and screwdriver, for starters, but there’s also a rechargeable pen and a replaceable #11 high-carbon steel knife. With the V-MAG Beta, you can rest easy knowing everything you need is in your pocket.

V-shaped cover module

Last but not least is the V-Cover module. Unlike the other two, it has one goal and one goal only. It can hold your most used bank card or most important ID so it’s always accessible no matter what. It can attach to the back of the V-MAG Beta or stick alone to the back of an iPhone. The V-MAG Alpha and V-MAG Beta themselves can come together to form an all-in-one metal wallet that can store all your cards, cash, and EDC tools in one organized place.

In addition to being versatile, the V-MAG is also very aesthetic. Available in stonewashed titanium or various aluminum alloy colors, the card holder’s uneven edges and cutouts give it a sleek cyberpunk vibe. Starting at just $72 (or $66 for the V-MAG Beta Super Early Bird), the V-MAG Combo Card Holder System offers an innovative way to keep your cards and all your essential tools close at hand while giving you the freedom to choose where you want to put them, whether behind your phone or in your pocket. Compact, multi-functional and modular, it’s every EDC enthusiast’s dream, all wrapped up in a sleek metal case.

Click here to buy now: $66 $115 (43% off). Hurry, for a limited time only!


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