This passport cover and vaccine card holder is just $7 on Amazon


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Since many destinations still require proof of COVID-19 vaccination for travellers, you’ll want to make sure you have a safe way to save your vaccination card before your next trip. After all, the last thing you want is to lose or damage your card while you’re away from home. Storing other important travel documents, such as your passport or other form of identification, securely but easily accessible is a major help when navigating through airports and other busy places. Luckily, there’s no shortage of passport covers on Amazon, and shoppers have found a $7 version that also has a handy slot for your vaccine card.

The Kewya Passport and Vaccine Card Holder is simple yet functional, featuring a slot on one side for your passport and a clear plastic pocket on the other for your CDC vaccine card. The card slot measures 4.7 inches by 3.2 inches, giving you plenty of room for your CDC-issued card, which measures 4 inches by 3 inches. The case is made from sturdy and stylish faux leather with a water-resistant coating, so it can withstand long days of travel, unpredictable weather conditions, and more. It’s currently available in 19 colors, including basics like black and navy, as well as bolder options (which you’ll never lose sight of) like bright green and rose gold.

Buyers rave about the convenience of the passport cover for travel, and many compliment its style and function. One reviewer said it was “ideal for international travel”, having used it on a recent trip to Europe. “The case protected our passports and vaccination cards from damage and wear and tear,” they wrote. Because they constantly had to present both documents, they noted that “this medium was very handy to have.” Another called it “nice and sturdy, but also small enough to fit in a pocket.”

A third buyer commented on how useful it was to choose a brightly colored passport cover. “I opted for the turquoise color, which I am delighted with. This made it easier for me to find it in my bag when I needed to pull it out. And a fourth customer shared that he bought two different colors – one for his partner and one for himself – so he could easily keep track of his separate documents.

If you are concerned about quality, considering the low price, don’t worry. A final reviewer reported that they bought it ahead of their first post-pandemic international trip, after seeing “a travel blogger write about a more expensive version.” Although their expectations weren’t high considering they only paid $7 for the mount, they reassured potential buyers that “this item is fantastic”.

If you’re looking for a double passport cover and vaccine card holder, be sure to check out this durable and affordable pick from Kewya, available on Amazon. And since it starts at just $7, you’ll want to stock up on these handy cases for the whole family.


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